LIPOHIFU Liposonix Weight Loss Slimming Machine
  • Air ProLIPOHIFU Liposonix Weight Loss Slimming Machine
  • Air ProLIPOHIFU Liposonix Weight Loss Slimming Machine

LIPOHIFU Liposonix Weight Loss Slimming Machine

LIPOHIFU is recognized as one of the most effective weight loss products. We developed portable lipohifu liposonix weight loss slimming machine FU18-S2 can achieve good treatment results and can greatly reduce international long-distance freight.


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Product Description

1.Product Introduction of the LIPOHIFU liposonix weight loss slimming machine

1) Why LIPOHIFU is so popular?

LIPOHIFU (also called liposonix) uses noninvasive focused ultrasound, treating at 0.8cm/1.3cm subcutaneous, disturbing subcutaneous fat hot cells, using heat to permanently destroy subcutaneous fat. While reducing the number of fat, stimulating collagen shrink and thicken, quickly filling the void after the ablation of fat, making the skin smooth, moist and firm. It is a kind of mechanism through high intensity sound waves transforming into thermal energy, whose energy can be used to destroy subcutaneous fat cells, and the thermal energy can create double tissue reaction:
1. Disturb subcutaneous fat tissue cells, destroying and remove subcutaneous fat tissue;
2. Stimulate collagen of subcutaneous tissue to shrink and proliferate, making the skin of treated area more compact;
3. By double tissue reaction, precisely aiming at the area that need to improve. You do not need surgery, only in noninvasive way to remove extra fat to achieve body sculpting firming effect.

2) What’s new to LIPOHIFU machine FU18-S2?

Not only is a fat reduction machine, highly cost-effective!

1. Super result: Lose 1 inch(2-3 cm) only in first treatment, 6-10 cm in 3 treatments. Can reach more than 23mm fat depth!

2. Safe and Non-invasive High Intensity Focused Ultrasound technology, no down-time required.

3. Two different replaceable cartridges(0.8cm&1.3cm) for different depth of fat.

4. Intelligent Record Management. It can record liposonix used shots and remains, which offers a good reference for stock in advance, without influencing treatment requirements.

5. High energy output with 24x24 single focus energy total 576 dots one shot.

6. 9 kinds of treatment area style for choose, more precise and better result for arm, abdomen, buttocks, thighs and hip.

7. We have detailed user manual and operation video for you reference, we also can provide online training.

8. LOGO is available. This liposonix device easy to operate, it's your best choice!

2.Product Parameter (Specification) of the LIPOHIFU liposonix weight loss slimming machine

Model Energy Cartridges Each cartridge shots Single output focused points Power
FU18-S2 35-75 J/cm2 0.8cm, 1.3cm 525 576 600W

3.Product Feature And Application of the LIPOHIFU liposonix weight loss slimming machine

1) Advantages

- Each lipohifu cartridge with 525 shots, total 1050 shots, can be used a long time.
- From customer's feedback, two cartridge can do treatment for 75 clients.
- The lipo cartridge with big treatment area 6*6cm, few shots can cover whole abdomen!
- Little time can reach best result, suitable and convenient product for fat reduction and weight loss.
- 0.8cm cartridge for the customer more than 14mm fat depth, 1.3cm cartridge for 23mm fat depth.

2) Applications:

- Reduce fat in areas of body (various types of skin). Weight loss.
- Effectively improve body shape, remove local carnosity, and reduce local lipocele.
- Slimming&Shaping: slimming neck, limbs, buttocks and abdomen; shaping breast and buttocks.
- Firming&Lifting: body shape restoration after delivery and liposuction.
- Slimming: reduce cellulite, remove carnosity, and improve skin laxity.
- Firming: strengthen the firmness of skin, increase the elasticity of skin, improve orange peel and postpartum stretch marks etc.

3) Before and after pictures

4.Product Details of the LIPOHIFU liposonix weight loss slimming machine

5.Product Qualification of the LIPOHIFU liposonix weight loss slimming machine

6.Deliver,Shipping And Serving of the LIPOHIFU liposonix weight loss slimming machine

1) Quality assurance

For each machine, we provide 1-3 years warranty for host machine, 3-6 months for spare parts. Lifetime maintain and technical support.

All our machines will be tested again before delivery, please no worries about the quality. According to our data and clients feedback, the error rate of our machines is less than 0.5%.

If any questions in the process of using, our professional engineer will help you give you reply within 24 hours.

To confirm the problem, please first to take a short video, our engineer will take the solution video accordingly.

2) After sale

1.24 hours online service. If you have any problems in the process of usage, please contact us anytime. We will give you reply within 24 hours, and solve it within 1-2 working days.

2.Lifetime technical support. After the warranty has expired, we still provide you lifetime technology support.

3.Face to face service. Our professional service team, technicians and beauticians also provide you face to face service for troubleshooting and operational issues if necessary.

3) Transport

1. Working with well-known courier companies such as DHL, TNT, UPS, FedEx for many years, can get very low freight.

2. Depending on the situation, choose wooden box, carton box or aluminum alloy box.

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