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  • A Beauty Machines is a machine that uses physical technology to adjust the physiological functions of the human body to improve body and facial defects. It has many functions such as skin whitening, freckles and wrinkles, and facial lifting. In the import mode, the functional head of the beauty instrument releases negative ions to help skin nutrients such as skin care products be absorbed deep into the skin. This is the basic working principle of the import and export beauty instrument. Importing and exporting beauty instruments can not only help the skin in deep cleansing, but also improve the absorption efficiency of various skin care products and help us solve various skin problems.


  • EMSculpt machines/ EMSlim machines can supply very obvious treatment results for fat removal, muscle enhancement. We are EMSculpt machines factory in China. Please contact us for the best machines with the lowest price, thank you.


  • With the popularity of EMSculpting machines around the world, we have developed and produced new portable EMSculpt machines. While ensuring the same effect, the new portable EMSlim machine has a lower price and a more affordable freight. On the occasion of Christmas, we will also offer even greater discounts promotion. Looking forward to your inquiry.


  • Most Chinese men still have a great psychological burden on "love beauty". According to the gender distinction in traditional culture, men pay attention to their appearance, which can easily lead to doubts. Buying cosmetics for their wives sometimes attracts attention.