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EMS HIEMT Machine Wholesale Price

The EMS HIEMT is a non-invasive, non-invasive technique that stimulates body muscle tissue through a magnetic field, thereby increasing muscle mass and muscle bundle strength. EMS HIEMT machine is currently the most mainstream fat-reducing and muscle-building machine. After a course of treatment, EMS HIEMT machine can reduce and increase the fat content by more than 19%, while increasing the muscle content by 16%.

According to machine structure classification, EMS HIEMT can be divided into portable or vertical, four-handle version or double-handle version, with or without radio frequency, large screen (18 inches) or small screen (8 inches or 10 inches) ).

We are EMS HIEMT manufacturer in Beijing, China, we can offer you the cheapest factory price.
Portable dual handle small screen EMS HIEMT without RF is the cheapest, the price is within 2000 USD.
The vertical four-handle large screen EMS HIEMT machine with radio frequency is the most expensive, and the price is within 4000 USD.

If you buy in bulk, then we can offer more favorable wholesale prices. Wholesale or retail is welcome. It is still the bonus period of EMS HIEMT. Whether you are running a beauty salon or distributing machines, EMS HIEMT machine will bring you great profits. Welcome to contact us to get the lowest price and the best service.


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