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The difference between HIFU and hyperthermia machine

High-intensity focused ultrasound ablation HIFU equipment and focused ultrasound hyperthermia machine have many similarities, such as using focused ultrasound technology, are using thermal effects to treat diseases, these aspects are very confusing, in fact, they have many essences the difference.
Discrimination one: different temperatures

High-intensity focused ultrasound ablation (HIFU) treatment: Usually the tissue temperature of the target area is ≥65℃ within a few seconds.

Focused ultrasound hyperthermia: The treatment time is about 30-120 minutes, and the treatment tissue is heated to 41-43°C.

Discrimination two: different treatment purposes

High-intensity focused ultrasound ablation technology (HIFU) treatment is conformal ablation of target focus under the guidance of real-time image (ultrasound) monitoring, with more precise and thorough characteristics. The tissue coagulation necrosis of the target area can be used for tumor treatment alone to achieve the purpose of thermal "resection".

Focused ultrasound hyperthermia: no real-time image monitoring and no target focus, generally for slice heating. Incomplete tumor damage only increases the sensitivity of cells to radiochemotherapy. It is a radiochemotherapy sensitization measure and an adjuvant therapy. It is not used alone. The single-use effect is very limited and has the potential to increase metastasis. Prolonged heating time cannot completely kill Tumor cells.

Discernment 3: Different clinical treatment effects

In pathology, the HIFU treatment technology acts on the target area to show coagulative necrosis, that is, the target protein coagulation in the target area is irreversible damage, which can cause all cells in the target area to necrosis, apoptosis, and lose activity, so as to achieve the treatment purpose. In addition, high-intensity focused ultrasound can more flexibly adjust and avoid the incident path target in the target area and surrounding nerve sensitive pain points.

Due to the low temperature, focused ultrasound hyperthermia can only be used as an adjunct therapy to increase the sensitivity of cells to other damage factors (radiotherapy, chemotherapy, etc.). Even if the heating time is extended, the cells in the target area cannot be completely killed. Ultrasound hyperthermia is only a regional target area treatment, which cannot achieve precise target adjustment.

Discernment 4: Different technical content

The content of HIFU treatment technology is high, which is the advanced stage of focused ultrasound treatment technology. The sound channel is variable and can be conformed to the treatment; a personalized program can be set according to the target area, lesion skin distance and tissue structure.

Focused ultrasound hyperthermia technology is low in content and is the initial stage of focused ultrasound treatment technology. The sound channel is fixed and cannot be conformed to treatment; and it does not have a personalized treatment volume setting plan based on the lesion and skin distance structure, but only a step-by-step adjustment.

High-intensity focused ultrasound therapy (HIFU) During the treatment process, focused ultrasound can focus on the target area in a short time and quickly heat up to above 65 ℃, causing coagulative necrosis of the target area tissue to cause irreversible thermal damage.

Therefore, high-intensity focused ultrasound treatment technology (HIFU) can be used clinically to treat solid tumors alone. It is a non-invasive and accurate high-intensity focused ultrasound treatment technology, dedicated to serving the general public with high-tech products.