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Simple troubleshooting method of multifunctional beauty machine


1. When it is found that the indicator is off and the fan is not rotating, check whether the fuse (general insurance) on the left side of the rear cover is broken. If it is broken, replace it with a fuse of the same specification (current A4); if it is replaced, it will be blown because the fan (DC 12V) or the transformer (36V, 100W) has burned and needs to be replaced. If the environmental dust is too large, the fan will be stuck and cannot be turned, and the fan will be burned. Therefore, the instrument should not be used in a dusty and humid environment.

2. When it is found that the voltmeter has no indication, or the voltage indication is very low and cannot be adjusted upward, check whether the right fuse (working line insurance) on the rear cover is broken. If the safety tube is not broken, it may be due to the poor contact of the shrapnel inside the foot switch socket, and it should be removed and repaired or replaced. The foot switch plug can be inserted into the socket for inspection. When the foot switch is depressed to increase the indication of the voltmeter, it can be judged that the socket is faulty. If the voltmeter cannot be raised, it can be judged as other faults. It may be that the terminal of the transformer is loose or the short circuit of the porcelain plate rheostat (25W, 100 ohm) can be re-tightened or replaced. If the insurance tube breaks, please replace it with a new 4A insurance tube. If the fuse is replaced once it is blown out (note that the output pin should be inserted before power can be applied, otherwise it is easy to cause a large current and burn the fuse), it is due to a diode (four diodes for rectification) A certain one) or 3300uf/50V electrolytic capacitor or high-power transistor burned. Note that in this case, the most likely cause of the failure is the diode burned, the diode is installed on the right side of the line, the specification is current 6A, withstand voltage above 100V, such as 6A05 type or 6V07 type, generally repair TV and radio It is available in the accessory store, and can also be obtained by letter.

3. When everything is normal, but there is no spark output, check whether the connecting wire of the monopole is broken.