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Advantages of diode laser hair removal


Advantages of diode laser hair removal

1. The best laser is thin and long, 810nm diode laser, this diode laser hair removal has good singleness, good penetrating power, and it is also a relatively good wavelength absorbed by the pigment cells, which is applied to the principle of selective photothermal action. The black pigment of the hair follicle is the target color base, so that the hair follicle is effective and the hair removal effect is better.

2. Ultra-long adjustment of light pulse time to protect the epidermis while removing hair of different thicknesses.

3. However, if you encounter a person with a darker skin color, the target tissue and the epidermis have the same color base, and compete to absorb this laser. Therefore, for dark skin, there may be a risk of heat retention in the epidermis; but for lighter skin Those who seek beauty can achieve better results.

4. The specially designed firming function can smooth the skin while removing hair.

5. The patented technology of contact cooling type cooling is safe and does not damage the skin and quickly removes hair and speeds up the treatment.

6. The original mode freezing point laser can emit 10 laser pulses per second, and the pulse mode is unique, which is completely beyond the traditional laser pulse. The treatment process can not only slide quickly, but also effectively heat the target tissue until the effective hair follicle. Comfortable, fast, safe and convenient, it is a laser technique for hair removal, especially suitable for large-area torso hair removal.