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EMSlim Is the Most Popular Machine for Weight Loss and Muscle Enhancement


LeongBeauty EMSlim (also called EMSculpt) use the latest Electro-magnetic HIFEM technology. It can not only lose weight, but also increase muscle mass. Its advantages include.

1. 30 minutes of EMSlim treatment = 20,000 push-ups. One treatment can reduce fat by 19% and increase muscle mass by 16%.
2. Twice treatment a week. Each treatment just needs 30 minutes. You can easily lose weight and gain muscle. Especially suitable for those who do not have time to exercise but want a perfect body.
3. Equivalent to your personal trainer, there are multiple "sports modes" to meet all your needs, abdominal muscles, thigh fat removal, buttocks shaping, etc.
4. Intelligent program to simple operation. For beauticians, this is the easiest weight loss machine to operate. 
5. For patients, there is no need to take off clothes during treatment, no pain, no fatigue, no radiation, no side effects, no sweating.
6. EMSlim can achieve weight loss in specific areas and avoid some of the "side effects" of exercise to lose weight--such as reducing thigh fat while also reducing chest.

This is a necessary machine for weight loss places in 2020, and we are the only Chinese factory for this machine. If you are interested in this project, please send us a reply and we will send you more information.
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