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Instructions For use of Laser Hair Removal Machine

2020-04-28 Source:Internet

Different hair types are suitable for different hair removal machines.

If it belongs to a group of people with very thick hair and thick black roots, it is difficult to remove the hair with photon hair removal alone. Because the energy density is not enough, it can only delay the growth and cannot remove the roots. This type of hair can only be obtained by the laser hair removal instrument. In order to get rid of the roots.

If the hair is very lush, there are many hairs on a large area, and the texture of the hair is very dark, thick and hard, if you want to quickly and effectively remove hair, the best and most effective way is to combine laser and photon. The photon light exit port is larger, so the single hair removal efficiency of the photon hair removal machine is high. The laser precision hair removal machine works more thoroughly and finely. The two models are used together, and all hair types can be removed very cleanly.

Finally, although the effect of the laser hair removal machine is very good, not everyone can use it. The following types of people are not suitable for use:

Scars, photosensitive skin, and obvious skin diseases are not suitable for use; recent sun exposure and partial pigmentation of skin areas are not suitable for use; pregnant women are not recommended to use (pain will cause contractions); underage It is not recommended for girls during the menstrual period.

In addition, you can use the laser hair removal device and photon hair removal device to remove hair, and early hair removal will become silky.