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Multifunctional beauty machine instrument use function


Multifunctional beauty machine instrument use function:

1.Ignition probe's long fire characteristics: weak breakdown force, large spark, large surface destructive force, large focal spot treatment, good hemostasis, mainly used for bleeding operations such as facial features, gynecology, etc., accidentally touching the contacts during treatment The tissue will automatically stop the fire when it is organized, so that it will not penetrate the tissue and cause bleeding. The long fire gear is also a strong gear for bipolar output.

2.The short-fire characteristics of ion probes: strong breakdown force, small sparks, can damage the inside of the tissue. It has a small focal spot and a hemostatic function that is weaker than long fire. It can be used for dermatology, surgery, anorectal surgery and other incisions. The short fire gear is also the weak gear of the bipolar output.

3.Foot switch: It is more convenient and safe to use in the treatment of facial features, stomatology and diseases.

4.Beauty probe: mainly used for freckles, stains, age spots, all kinds of pigmented moles, vascular moles, sebaceous nevi, age spots, congenital pigment spots to remove tattoos, remove eyebrows, and repair certain scars.

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