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Operation method of multifunctional beauty machine instrument


Operation method of multifunctional beauty machine instrument:

(1) Unscrew the plastic sleeve at the tip of the unipolar surgical electrode, unscrew the metal sleeve, insert the selected treatment contact, and then tighten the metal sleeve and the plastic sleeve in turn.

(2) Insert the treatment pen lead into the output jack on the machine.

(3) Turn on the 220V power supply.

(4) Turn on the power switch, the indicator light is on, and the cooling fan in the machine is heard.

(5) Turn the adjusting knob, you can see that the voltmeter is in the range of 5-15V. If the voltage indication is large, the output power will be large, otherwise it will be small.

(6) According to the needs of treatment, move the toggle switch to the "long fire" or "short fire" position.

(7) According to the needs of treatment, when you need a foot switch, insert it into the "foot" jack. When the foot switch is not stepped on, the voltmeter has no indication and the contact has no output; when the foot switch is stepped on, the voltmeter has the indication and the contact has an output, so as to control the output. When the foot switch control is not required, pull out the foot plug, the voltmeter will have instructions, when the contact is close to the human tissue, there will be output, and if there is no output, the output will be controlled by hand movements.

(8) The first operator of monopolar ion therapy should hold a piece of fresh pork skin or potatoes, apples, etc. with appropriate conductive moisture (if the test article does not contact the human body, the output is very weak, if the contact is not tight It will produce sparks in the loose place, and there is a tingling sensation), close the contact or insert it, observe the corresponding relationship between the output intensity and the indication of the voltmeter, experience the characteristics of long and short fire, practice the treatment techniques, and wait for the skill to be skilled. Patients can be treated.

(9) In the treatment, when the treatment contact has a smear layer, it will affect the output intensity, and it needs to be removed in time: the contact can be burned by the metal object held by the human hand and burned or scraped off with a knife.

(10) When treating axillary odor or cutting, pay attention to check the treatment needle first. If the needle is blunt due to melting, it needs to be cut off. If there is a smear layer on the needle body, it needs to be scraped off with a knife. During the treatment, the needle should be inserted according to the trend.

The gap and the absence of sparks cause extremely weak destructive power.

(11) Regardless of the use of long or short fire, the unipolar surgical electrode should be brought close to rather than close to the human tissue, and an appropriate gap should be left. Skilled use of this gap can give full play to the effectiveness of the machine.

(12) According to the treatment needs of the disease, select different unipolar coagulation and desalination treatment heads and insert one of the unipolar coagulation jacks on the machine. The unipolar clip is inserted into another hole

(13) According to the need, move the toggle switch to the "long fire" gear (the strong gear at the time of freezing) or the "short fire" gear (the weak gear at the same time)

(14) Monopolar coagulation therapy needs to be used in conjunction with a foot switch, which should be inserted into the "foot pedal" jack first. During the treatment, the cosmetic contacts are first touched on the tissue, and then the foot switch is depressed. When the tissue is observed to be white, the foot can be released to stop the treatment. As the treatment time increases, the coagulation layer is deepening, generally reaching a depth of 1 to 5 mm. Generally 3 to 9 seconds can complete the treatment.

(15) The first-time operator of cosmetic coagulation treatment should first take a section of fresh pork intestine (or chicken and duck intestine) as an experiment to experience the characteristics and coordination of long fire gear (ie strong coagulation gear) and short fire gear (both coagulation weak gear) To the output of various power levels (indicated between 5 and 15V on the table), the tissue coagulation time is different, and the size of the coagulation range is also different. During treatment, you can choose a short fire gear and turn to the table to indicate 6-10V, if When it is observed that the tissue appears to be too slow to whiten and the power is not enough, the voltage is gradually increased until it is mastered.